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House Rules


1. All guests must be 10 years or older.

2. Guest(s) verification paperwork is required for all guests.

3. Maximum number of guests sleeping in loft is 4. Rental rates include 2 people. Additional guests cost $35 per person, per night. All overnight guests must be registered with Art House. Unregistered guests will be charged $100 per person, per night.

4. NO Smoking: Strictly prohibited inside lofts or on the decks. Any violation of this policy may result in immediate termination of occupancy.*

5. CHECK-IN time is 4:00pm, EST on arrival date.

6. CHECK-OUT time is 11:00am EST, on departure date.

7. Visitors: Lofts are restricted to 8 people Max at one time.

8. NO Parties. This is strictly enforced and violations result in termination of your Occupancy and vacation of loft without refund.

9. Cancellations: Review policy on Airbnb

10. Guests or their visitors' behavior and conduct can not inconvenience any of the other tenants or occupants in the lofts or adjoining premises. Guests are responsible for their visitors' actions.

11. Inventory: Almost all of the artwork in the lofts is for sale. Art House performs an inventory of the artwork in each loft before a new guest arrives. We keep an updated Art on Approval inventory sheet in each loft for your use and review. Please let us know if you find any discrepancies. Or have any questions.

12. Damages: Guests are responsible for any damage, breakage, and/or loss to any part of the property including the contents of the dwelling.

13. Housekeeping: The loft will be ready for your arrival with fresh linens, including pillows, towels and robes.

14. Art House and its representatives are not responsible for items left behind, lost or stolen.

15. It is specifically understood that Art House reserves solely to itself the right to alter, amend, modify, and add to Art House's House Rules.

*An additional charge of $75.00 per day will be charged to the occupant of the loft. If any special cleaning is needed (draperies, rugs, walls, to be determined solely by management of Art House), the cost will be charged to Guest, including lost income for lofts unused during cleaning.


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